Where to get the contract documents for a FSBO

So, you've decided to sell your home without an agent.  The signs are up, your listed on a bunch of websites, and now someone wants to make an offer.  What to do? 

If your buyer is represented by a real estate agent (which means you pay their agent a commission), the Offer is prepared by the buyer's agent.  But, what about the seller side of the transaction?  You still need to make the many disclosures required by California law which can entail more than 10 different documents. 

How do you deal with this?  You need to  find a real estate attorney to prepare the sale documents and disclosures or locate the forms and complete them yourself. For attorney facilitation, Google "(your state) for sale by owner attorney" or "(your state) real estate sale contract attorney" For the forms only, Google "(state) For Sale by Owner forms".  In California, the Law Office of Marilyn Sullivan, https://msullivan.com/pages/fsbo-fees, facilitates the sale for a low flat fee or sells the forms for you to complete, so you have a choice in the matter.  

You want to have your contract preparation set up in advance of getting an offer.  So, do this research before you start marketing the property for sale.