The Law Office of Marilyn Sullivan has offices in Northern and Central CA with a satellite office in San Diego.  For over a quarter century, Marilyn Sullivan has been a cornerstone of the real estate industry nationwide appearing on Good Morning America, interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and most major print, radio and TV media, and voted Best Attorney in her county. As a California real estate attorney, author, developer, mediator and real estate broker, Marilyn is EVERYTHING REAL ESTATE, offering solutions to help you buy, hold or sell real estate.

Her mission in life has always been to discover ways to prosper and teach others how to do the same. You've come to the right place for help with your real estate needs. Click on the link that best fits your needs or ask Marilyn a question via the Contact link below.  She's always there to help you even if you can't pay. Her law practice has always been about helping you buy, hold and sell real estate, but also empowering you to help yourself.


Marilyn's Offerings are unique as she offers many levels of service to fit your budget and your do-it-yourself style.  She'll do it all for you at low flat fee rates or you can do it yourself by purchasing her DIY Product Line.

Marilyn facilitates For Sale By Owner transactions throughout CA overseeing the entire process and preparing the purchase and sale documents and disclosures for Buyers and Sellers.

She also gives you all the Forms to DIY if that is your choice. 

Don't have the funds for a downpayment but want to buy a home? Marilyn will provide you with a rock solid  Equity Share Agreement where you buy a house with a partner and share profit and tax deductions.  Want to DIY?  She provides you with the same Forms she uses. 

Want to rent a property with an option to buy?  We will set you up in a Rent to Own Lease Option Agreement, and again, if you are a DIY, use our Forms to do it yourself.

And, if you're headed for Foreclosure, let Marilyn help you with a Loan Modification or Short Sale with her DIY Product Set.  During the last real estate recession she helped hundreds with short sales and loan modifications.  

This website is jam packed with valuable up-to-date information about these venues so you can educate yourself about each, then decide whether you want to do it all yourself, let us help you do it,  or have us do it for you.   And, if you get stuck along the way, just email Marilyn by clicking CONTACT US at the bottom right of your screen.

Marilyn's personal story 

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"I was born into a poor family, not only financially but emotionally.  We never had a home of our own and sometimes I was in foster homes.  When I grew into my own person it was all about viewing life though a lens of how can I make this a level playing field, so I could have the fruits of life that others had.  

I decided to become a real estate lawyer.  Equality became my signature.  First I had to achieve it for myself.  Then I could bring it others.  I realized I needed a nest, my own home from which to build my paradigm.  I had no money or family support, but I knew others with cash, so I developed a concept called Equity Sharing where an Investor with cash teams up with a Cash-Poor Occupier to buy a home for the Occupier to live in and they share the profit and tax deductions.  

I got my home and I brought the concept to the public by writing a book so others could do it too.  They say build it and they will come.  I built it and the media was all over it.  What a great idea. They picked me up in limousines, took me to TV stations, radio shows, bookstores, all over the country.  I then understood that we can all have it all.  We just have to believe and take one step after the next.

 I also began to realize the importance of having one’s own home, a place of your very own where in the comfort of your own environment one can flourish and create.   I got my real estate license so I had more resources to help clients acquire homes of their own and also began to build low income housing so folks like my family could have a home of their own.

 It all just fell into place from there.  I gave weekly free seminars on how to do these things yourself.  Clients flocked to my law office and soon I was voted Best Attorney in my county.  I established my practice as a Do It Yourself shop.  I could do it all for clients or they could do it all for themselves … or something in between. 

 I provided information so clients could understand what I did, tutorials to coach them through, and the very same forms I created to legally document a transaction.   With our tools you can buy a home by equity sharing, lease option, or for sale by owner.