FSBO Services

California For Sale by Owner (FSBO) facilitation is a specialty service of real estate attorney and real estate broker Marilyn Sullivan. She's been licensed as a real estate attorney and broker for over 30 years and knows what needs to be done. She authored the best selling book, The Complete Idiots Guide to Success as a Real Estate Agent. She's also run a real estate brokerage, developed several properties from sketch to 3-stories, been trial counsel and mediator in real estate disputes, and owned and sold many properties.  She certainly has hands-on experience in the real estate trenches.

Marilyn has always been a consumer advocate first and foremost, a believer in DO-IT-YOURSELFers. She's here to help people do what she’s done.  For FSBO Buyers and Sellers she facilitates the entire sale providing all contract documents and disclosures required to legally protect your interests for a smidgeon of what real estate agents charge. With the full array of FSBO services you can get as much or as little help as you need.  Her intention is to share the sales or purchase job with you to best fits your budget and your level of expertise.  

FSBO Options 

Menu 1: Let Marilyn facilitate the transaction from beginning to end for a low flat fee.

Menu 2: Have Marilyn prepare documents on an a la carte basis, all at low flat fees.

Menu 3:  FSBO coaching/consulting services by email at $29 per 6 minutes to guide FSBO Buyers and Sellers. 

Menu 4: You can prepare all the contract documents and disclosures on your own with our FSBO Forms Library based on the coveted California Association of Realtor product set.  These forms are available on our FSBO Products page.

See the FSBO FEES page for detailed descriptions and costs. 

California Residential Seller Disclosures

Sellers especially look to our products and services in completing their very important seller disclosures required by California law. Each year, more and more disclosures are required. The California Civil Code requires that particular disclosures, forms and booklets be provided by the seller to their buyer. If not provided, the sale can be canceled.

Marilyn handles For Sale by Owner transactions all over California.  

If you have a question about services or fees, email Marilyn by clicking the Contact Us Link on the bottom right of your screen or text us at 805-481-9890.