Rent To Own | Finding a Partner

How the Seller finds a Rent to Own Lease Option Buyer

If your property is listed, tell your agent to specify in the listing that the Seller will Rent to Own. If your property is not listed, list it on a For Sale By Owner website and and market it as a Rent to Own.

How the Rent to Own Buyer finds a Seller

If you are in a Buyer's market, Sellers will be more open to a Rent to Own Lease Option purchase. Go to open houses, hire a real estate agent or work with the Seller's agent. If in a Seller's market and you find a property you really like, contact the Seller's Agent or put a note in the Seller's mailbox.

A For Sale By Owner Seller would be more inclined to sell by a Rent to Own Lease Option. Search the For Sale by Owner listings for a property you like, then point the Seller to this website to explain the Rent to Own transaction.

Go to and respond to postings under "Apts./housing for rent." Ask if they are interested in a Rent to Own arrangement. Under "housing wanted" post your interest in a Rent to Own. Also, go to "Real Estate for Sale", and when you see a property you have interest in, inquire about whether they will Rent to Own.