Rent To Own | Do it Yourself

The Law Office of Marilyn Sullivan makes the tools they use available to you.

  1. The Rent to Own Lease Option Coach.

Our Coach guides you through the steps of the Rent to Own Lease Option Transaction including setting the purchase price and option term, the inspection contingency and what it consists of, how much the option deposit should be, when option deposits are made and when they become non-refundable, setting the lease provisions, making improvements during the lease term, how the option is exercised, setting the purchase price based on appraisal now or later, and setting up a loan contingency.

  1. The Rent to Own Lease Option Agreement.

An 11 page document in Word (compatible with Pages for Mac) consists of Option terms, Lease terms and Purchase terms. Easily completed by the use of replace commands and customizable by you. There are 32 questions for you to answer. It's that simple.

  1. Rent to Own Lease Option Related Forms.

Nine additional forms in Word format (compatible with Pages for Mac) that may be used in conjunction with the Lease Option Agreement. Easily completed by the use of replace commands and customizable by you.

1) Release of Inspection Contingency
2) Memorandum of Lease Option Agreement
3) Release of Memorandum of Lease Option Agreement
4) Notice of Exercise of Purchase Option
5) Purchase Price Allocation Following Appraisal
6) Release of Loan Contingency
7) Request to Perform Lease Option Agreement
8) Notice of Termination of Lease Option Agreement
9) Notice of Change of Contact Information

  1. Legal Guidance.

Marilyn Sullivan also personally provides legal guidance as you facilitate your own transaction --  e-mail her by clicking the orange Contact Us link to the right with any questions as you go along. She also reviews completed transaction documents purchased through this site for a low flat fee of $395.00.

  1. Finding Partners.

We provide guidance to help you find a partner by going to Finding Partners.

  1. We Do it for You.

We are also happy to prepare the contract documents and mentor you through your transaction. See our Fees page for our fees.