Discount Real Estate Brokerage | What We Do

As a Real Estate Brokerage and a Real Estate Law Firm we've always offered discount brokerage services to our clients for whom we provided legal representation.  Now we're extending it to anyone, whether a legal client or not as long as the property is in California. 

What's discount about our brokerage services?  Nothing but the commission we earn.  We do everything a full commission broker does ... and a whole lot more.  

Remember, we're experienced real estate attorneys.  We are trained to research title and uncover title issues.  We understand the red flags in a transaction because we've provided legal representation to buyers and to sellers.  We instruct you about completing the Seller Disclosures so when the buyer has buyer's remorse, and wants to sue you to get their money back they can't say you didn't disclose.  We make sure every single step in the transaction is legally correct.

At first clients are amazed that someone who is also an experienced, award winning real estate attorney would broker real estate sales for less than a non-attorney agent.  But, we're different. 

We are part of a consumer advocacy movement to bring real estate commissions down. The 6% commission rate was established in 1940 when the median value of a home adjusted for inflation in California was $36,700.  Today, nearly 80 years later, the median home value is $548,700.  This is an increase of 1400%.    The commission earned in 1940 was $2202.  The commission earned in 2019 is $32,922.  Same job, 1400% increase. As prices increase, commissions should have come down. 

We're about providing the best services available to everyone for a fair price commensurate with the services performed. We just aim to earn a fair hourly rate, and no more.  A windfall real estate commission is not right, fair or ethical to us. 

Typically our reduced commission is half the standard commission, depending on the value of the property.  Click on Seller's Agent or Buyer's Agent for more information.  Join our happy clients who hail from all over California. 

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