The FSBO Seller's Job

When a California Seller decides to FSBO sell, his transactional job consists of:  

  • Acceptance, rejection or counter offer to Buyer's Offer
  • Determining Seller Closing Costs at the inception of the transaction
  • Providing all required seller disclosures including Seller Transfer Disclosure Statements and Supplement, Natural Hazard Disclosures, lead paint disclosures, smoke detector and hot water heater bracing disclosures, and so on
  • Procuring a professional Natural Hazard report and home warranties, if offered
  • Obtaining city inspection reports, if required
  • Reviewing the preliminary title report to ascertain additional seller disclosure issues
  • Setting dates for performance of seller and buyer obligations and for release of those obligations.
  • Obtaining release of buyer contingencies
  • Coordination with escrow and review of closing statement

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