Discount Brokerage | Buyer's Agent Services

When we represent you buying a property, not only do have an attorney handling the entire transaction, we also do the following:

    • If you are getting a loan, review of your Pre-Approval letter which will accompany your Offer.
    • Preparation of all buyer documents including the all-important Offer
    • Estimating Closing Costs at the inception of the transaction
    • Establishing loan and physical inspection contingencies
    • Making sure you understand the consequences of removing contingencies
    • Release or extension of contingencies
    • Post-inspection addenda
    • Review Seller disclosures with you
    • Opening and instructing escrow and ordering title report
    • Review¬†of the title report to identify possible title issues
    • Review of Seller Disclosures to identify red flags
    • Coordination with escrow and review of closing statement
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