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Shared Ownership Equity Sharing Do It Yourself Tools

This page was updated May 2016.

The Law Office of Marilyn Sullivan now makes the tools they use available to you. Just click on the Products link to order the following:

The Shared Ownership Equity Share Coach: A tutorial on how to put your transaction together beginning with finding a property through closing and entering into the correct agreement with your co-owner. The Preliminary Commitment, also available, is the document you and your co-owner sign before you find a property. It gives you the peace of mind that all parties are in basic agreement on terms although the property has not yet been purchased.

The Documents. The Shared OwnershipEquity Sharing Agreement is now available to you so you can prepare your own transaction. The formats of these documents include the Traditional Shared Ownership with investor and occupier (occupier lives in property; investor puts up most of the down payment), co-occupiers (all live in property), and joint venturers (all are investors). These many formats allow any co-purchase transaction to fit the Shared Ownership model. Go to our How It Works page for more information on each of these models. E-mail us to find out which form you need if you are unsure.

For Calculating the Numbers. The Shared Ownership Equity Share Calculator calculates the ownership interests the co-owners should receive based upon the contributions they make, along with their tax deductions and potential profit.

Marilyn's Authoritative Book. Marilyn's book, "The New Home Buying Strategy".

Legal Guidance. Marilyn Sullivan also personally provides legal guidance as you prepare your own transaction -- just e-mail her at with any questions as you go along, include your credit card information and she'll get back to you by e-mail within a few hours, charging you only for the time to review and respond to your e-mail at $29 per 6 minutes. She will also review completed transaction documents purchased through this site for a low flat fee of $450.00. Click on our Fees page for more information on this option.