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HAMP Modification | HAFA Short Sales | HARP Refinance

Updated October 2016.

The loan workout process is incredibly complex, particularly the Making Home Affordable Program (MHA) which consists of HAMP, the modification program offering 2% interest rates and principal reductions, HAFA, the short sale program offering $10,000 in relocation fees, and HARP, the refinance program for loans owned by Fannie and Freddie. Most people don't even know that these progams have been vastly expanded to include investment properties, six mods per person, and re-application by those denied. 

Realizing that these programs expire at the end of 2016, we decided it was time to put the secrets to accessing these Programs in the Hands of the People. Our downloadable set of products, HAMP: THE MISSING MANUAL, provide step-by-step instructions so you can get your loans in order before these amazing programs go away.

If so, now is the time to change this before the clock strikes 2017. We're giving away THE LOAN WORKOUT COACH to get you started. Click here then click on LOAN WORKOUT at the top of that page.


Marilyn Sullivan is a well-known Consumer Advocate real estate attorney. She says, 'It has taken me seven years of constant study to understand the process as only an attorney stuck in the downturn with a multitude of upside-down properties and with a client base suffering the same hardship, could do. Over these syears I have obtained successful modifications for myself and clients resulting in 2% interest rates, term extensions, and Millions of dollars of Principal Reductions [See Testimonials]. Study of the constantly changing 250 page Making Home Affordable Handbook and cross-referencing all fields in these programs is what it took to deliver the Program to the People in HAMP: The Missing Manual."

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SHORT SALE: If you find your option is Short Sale, Marilyn can facilitate the sale at no cost to you. Read our Short Sale page then email Marilyn at and she will get the process started for you.

THE MYRIAD OF PROBLEMS. These Programs are incredibly complex. They base success on meeting certain formulas which borrowers fail due to the government's failure to define the financial information needed. For instance, Gross Income is the benchmark of the program but for the Self-employed and Landlord, it needs to be Adjusted Gross which results in an entirely different number than Gross. In some questions asking for Mortgage Payments, unbeknownst to you, you're supposed to include ALL expenses, not just loan payment. But, they don't tell you.

HAMP: THE MISSING MANUAL corrects these problems and for the first time, borrowers have a really good opportunity to get their loans modified before these programs expire at the end of this year. Most people are not even aware that these programs have been vastly expanded to now include rental/investment properties and up to six modifications per person." I'm giving back now, says Sullivan, so the millions still suffering hardship can also take advantage of these programs before they end in a matter of months."



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