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California Sale By Owner FSBO Forms and Facilitation

September 2016

For Sale by Owner FSBO facilitation in California is a specialty service of real estate attorney and real estate broker Marilyn Sullivan. She's been licensed as a real estate attorney and broker for over 25 years and knows what needs to be done. She authored the best selling book, The Complete Idiots Guide to Success as a Real Estate Agent. She's also run a real estate brokerage and developed, owned and sold many properties, so she has hands-on experience in the trenches.

Marilyn's a believer in DO IT YOURSELFERS. She's here to help FSBOs sell properties for the highest possible price with all the contract documents required to legally protect their interests. With our full array of FSBO services you can get as much or as little help as you need.

You can prepare all the contract documents on your own with our FSBO Forms Library which is updated to 2016 based on the coveted California Association of Realtor product set, or let us prepare all or one of the documents for you at flat fee rates. Our intention is to share the sales or purchase job with you in a way that best fits your budget and your level of expertise.

California Residential Seller Disclosures

Sellers especially look to our products and services in completing their very important seller disclosures required by California law. Each year, more and more disclosures are required. The California Civil Code requires that particular disclosures, forms and booklets be provided by the seller to their buyer. If not provided, the sale can be canceled. We provide you with these forms in our Forms Library as part of our Facilitation Services.

Listing Options Available to the FSBO Seller

There are two listing options available to the FSBO seller:

  1. Do it all yourself and pay no commission. Thanks to the internet a creative and confident seller can do it all solo. You can put up a free website with one of the simple and free website companies. Get a professional looking sign with a mailbox attached to it. Make your own Flyers. List on For Sale By Owner websites. Get help with staging your property. Hire someone to hold your Open House. Simplify document signing with digital signatures. Offer inexpensive First-Year Warranties which attract more Buyers.The list goes on. Marilyn currently coaches Sellers on the use of these marketing techniques. In October 2016 you won't have to pay for her coaching services anymore as the FSBO COACH will guide you through all the steps to optimally market your property for sale and to adhere to California legal requirements.

  2. Get a Little Help and Pay a Little Commission. There are several flat fee listing services that for a nominal fee will put your property on the Multiple Listing Service so your property is marketed to all the real estate agents in the area and is listed on the nationwide MLS, In exchange for this valuable market share, the FSBO Seller must agree to pay a commission to the agent that brings in a buyer. The end result is that you end up paying about half of what you would have paid with a regular listing.

    The agent who brings in the buyer will prepare the vast majority of the paperwork for the sale. However, since the agent is representing the buyer, not you, you would be prudent to hire Marilyn or another facilitator to assist with the seller side of the transaction or use the FSBO Forms Library available here to insure your interests are properly represented.

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