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Our state-of-the art 2016 Forms Library, based on the coveted California Association of Realtors' product line, starts your sale off on the right foot with the California Residential Purchase Agreement. This form is the benchmark of California residential real estate sales with all the contingencies and disclosures built in. With our Forms Library now a FSBO can professionally and legally document their sale for the peace of mind of both Seller and Buyer.

Our Forms Library available by clicking here includes the following forms and describes when they are used:

  1. Addendum
  2. Buyer Counter Offer
  3. Contingenciy Removal
  4. Earthquake Hazards Disclosure
  5. Hazard Booklet 1:  Residential Environmental Hazards Booklet
  6. Hazard Booklet 2:  Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety Booklet
  7. Hazard Booklet 3:  Mold in My Home: What Do I Do? Booklet
  8. Hazard Booklet 4:  Protect your Family From Lead in Your Home Booklet
  9. Hazard Booklet 5:  Home Energy Rating Booklet
  10. Hazards Guides Receipt
  11. Homeowners Association Request and Response
  12. Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement
  13. Notice to Buyer to Perform
  14. Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement
  15. Receipt for Documents and Disclosures
  16. Representative Capacity Addendum
  17. Residential Purchase Agreement.
  18. Seller Affidavit Of Non-foreign Status/California Withholding Exemption
  19. Seller Counter Offer

    For a typical residential sale, you will need documents 3-10, 12, 14, 15, 17 and 18.]


For those who feel that seling or buying on your own is enough of a job without having to also take care of document preparation, we facilitate all standard functions required by the buyer, seller or both in a FSBO sale in our Full Service Package. Email Marilyn if you have questions or are ready to move ahead with these services.

Seller Facilitation Services

FEE: $1725.00*

Buyer Facilitation Services

FEE: $1795.00*

Facilitation for both Seller & Buyer

This service provides document preparation for both Seller and Buyer in a single transaction. This is strictly the facilitation of a real estate transaction that requires both parties to sign a Conflict-of-Interest Acknowledgment and Waiver. Facilitation of both sides works best for everyone.

FEE: $3200.00* [Most often the Seller pays for this if the Buyer does not have an agent, therefore Seller is not paying any commission, so pays for document preparation.]

*If common interest development (HOA), $295 more.

*If signing with digital signatures, $125 more per side.


Single Step FSBO gives you the option of getting FSBO help when you need it, for just the Offer, the Disclosures, or perhaps Contingency Release. Finally, our transaction review gives buyers and sellers the peace of mind that comes from having a real estate broker and attorney bless a For Sale By Owner transaction they have done themselves. We review all documents in your transaction before you close and correct errors that may be present.

Email Marilyn if you have questions or are ready to move ahead with these services.

Preparing offer for buyer. [You REALLY should use the California Residential Purchase Agreement prepared by the CA Assn of Realtors, not available to the public, to legally protect both parties. If you do nothing else, hire us to begin your sale with this document which sets up all the steps that need to be taken and the timeline for the transaction.] $575.00

For Seller, Prepare Acceptance to Offer or Counter-offer: Following review of buyer's offer with Seller. $495.00

Pre-Sale Coaching the Seller: Discussing staging of the home, obtaining accurate valuation, Evaluating property problems by obtaining a pre-sale home inspection and pest report, offering a home warranty, Internet Listing Options, seller financing possibilities, etc. $29 per 6 minutes

Seller Disclosures:
Guide seller through the complex and very important seller disclosure process, provide all required disclosure documents (in excess of 100 pages), and review disclosures for legal issues. $895.00

Buyer Review of Disclosures and Title Report: Reviews the numerous Seller Disclosures along with the Title Report to identify issues the Buyer may want to analyze more closely. $575.00

Review Entire Transaction when you've done it all yourself to make sure required seller disclosures were made and the contract documents are in order. $775

Other document preparation or consultation services (per hour) $29 per 6 minutes

* We faciliate transactions in California only.